"Basin PromService"

"Basin PromService" - procurement outsourcing for the oil and gas industry We are one of the best companies in Russia that has international experience in this business.

Procurement outsourcing

Procurement of goods is a complex process that requires the procurement department to manage the interests of their company and the supplier. It is no secret that a well-managed procurement process can save a company up to 30% of the cost of purchased goods. "Basin PromService" provides an innovative service for the Russian market - procurement outsourcing. Within the scope of the service, our company professionals are committed to offer our customers low prices, quick and error-free logistics of purchased goods. Our services will protect the customer from traditional risks associated with procurement - delays, dealing with unreliable suppliers, and artificially inflated prices.

"Basin PromService" was created using the expertise of international distribution, logistics and outsourcing companies, that allows us to offer customer the real benefits of outsourcing - reduced costs, higher transparency and manageability. We do our job professionally, saving time and money to our customers and giving them the opportunity to focus on their core business.